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What colours should I avoid when selling my home?..

When selling your home, it's generally best to avoid bold and personalized color choices that may not appeal to everyone. Be aware of your community, and what people would expect to see. Unless your home is on the east coast of Newfoundland, or more local such as Wolseley where colour is often used and expected, here are a few selections you may want to avoid...

Bright, Bold Colors: Sometimes bold colours have an appropriate place in a home, like an age appropriate colour in a heritage home for example. Even still, it's important to be careful with you choices as colours can be overwhelming and can be distracting to potential buyers. You want buyers to focus on the features of your home, not on the colour of the feature wall they'll need to paint over in the living room.

Dark colors: Dark colors can make rooms feel smaller and less inviting. They can also make it difficult for buyers to visualize themselves living in the space, or fitting their furniture to that space.

Unusual colors: Colors that are not commonly used in home decor can be polarizing and turn off potential buyers. For example, a bright orange bathroom might be too much for some, or modern colours in an older home may seem out of place and distracting. It's better to stick with classic and timeless colors in neutral tones.

Outdated colors: Colors that were popular decades ago may make your home feel outdated, possibly even neglected - making buyers ask, "where are the costly renovations hiding?"

In general, in Manitoba, neutral colors are a safe choice when selling your home. These include shades of white, beige, gray, and other muted colors. Neutral colors create a blank canvas that allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space and making it their own.

Personally, I love the look and feeling I get when looking at a neighbourhood in Newfoundland, and even some of our areas in Wolseley for example, but it's not about our favorite colours or taste, it's about selling and creating a welcoming environment that appeals to the broadest range of potential buyers. So while color preference is subjective, we need to stay appropriate so as to not create objections - as those without objections are more likely to buy:)

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