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URBAN TOPCOAT, Paint & Renovations Design Best Winnipeg stipple removal company reviews for Winnipeg popcorn ceiling #paintingthepeg

Stipple Removal and Drywall Repair

We've been removing stipple (popcorn) from Winnipeg ceilings for years. 

Our dustless* system ensures that our clients receive a beautiful smooth flat final deliverable,

free from voids and defects, that maximizes consistent light reflectivity throughout the room.

Our system limits consequential damage and post repair work, ensuring an efficient preparation 

prior to prime and paint, while maximizing your comfort and livability throughout the process.

For a quality fine finish, call for your free estimate or use the convenient contact form below

- we look forward to hearing from you!..

URBAN TOPCOAT, Paint & Renovations Design Best Winnipeg stipple removal company reviews for Winnipeg popcorn ceiling #paintingthepeg

Yes we do...

We want your popcorn!

Stipple Ceiling Removal 

Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

How to remove Stipple Ceilings In Winnipeg Who removes popcorn ceilings

Test & Determine

Testing for asbestos is safe, quick, and easy.  More importantly the results ensure that removal is done properly to ensure your family's health is not affected by the process

#stippleceiling Stipple Ceiling popcorn Ceiling Before and after Winnipeg specialists #paintingthepeg

Repair & Prepare

Consequential Repairs are the key to a smooth final deliverable, providing even diffused light unimpeded by voids, irregularities, or surface defects - we do that!

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Remove & Dispose

Once tested, removal can be taken care of properly and risk free.  Our dustless* removal process ensures your comfort and livability throughout the process, without the mess

URBAN TOPCOAT, Water Damage Repair Contractors drywall installation drywall repair company in Winnipeg #paintingthepeg

Prime & Paint

Final prime and paint is carried out with matte precision, ensuring an even coating free from gloss and evenly distributing the wash of light throughout the room

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