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Winnipeg Homes Drywall and Plaster Repairs...

Winnipeg homes shift as do most Canadian homes... shifting and cracking drywall takes place due to expansion and contraction during freeze thaw cycles, changes in moisture around your homes foundation, at times due to structural issues relating to original construction, and then what nothing can avoid - age - it means all houses will shift sooner or later for one reason or another...

Shifting causes stress on building materials. With quality builds, strsses can be minimized, and affects are often not visible even though they're there. Where affects do become visible, are those pesky cracks that appear at stress points in our homes - these are areas around doors and windows often developing as a diagonal crack in the drywall or plaster, leading away from the corners.

Stress cracks and wear and tear damage are all standard conditions that are addressed prior to any paint job - creating a consistent edge between the walls and ceiling, sealing stains, sanding surfaces, priming and filling - eighty percent of the paint job (or more) - is spent addressing wall condition prior to paint.

As for repairs new installations (mudding and taping new boarding), the techniques are the same and with the right applications can be completed with little sanding and little dust.

drywall installation wall repair
Winnipeg Drywall Installation.

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