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Picture Gallery Review Winnipeg Top Painting Company in Winnipeg Painters #paintingthepeg

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It's our opportunity to illustrate our quality so you can hire us, or refer us to your friends!

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Inspirational Interiors

Here you will see, from top to bottom, an example of substrate transitions between finished wood, to drywall to painted wood, and back to finished wood; providing a seamless transition and continuity between substrates, coatings, and gloss levels is a skill that comes from tenured application experience, and product knowledge with relation to compatibility and aesthetics - a beautiful application of paint and stain!..  (Whyteridge, Vanderbuilt)

Interior Trim Transition

Provided here is an example of sheen/gloss transition and its optical characteristic to provide visual colour difference due to its reflectance of light.  The wall and the crown molding are actually the same colour but they appear differently due to light reflectivity - gloss is a property of reflected light, and as such it provides optical influence to the colour of a surface; while the ceiling - a true matte - visually provides a less intense colour as light becomes diffused in the absence of gloss in its finish.  An elegant finish through the use of light (Crescentwood, Oxford)

#winnipegpainter URBAN TOPCOAT, Winnipeg painting company reviews for Winnipeg painting #paintingthepeg #winnipeghome

An Interactive before and after
(click/hold/drag the line to try it out :)

Stipple Removal and Drywall Repair

Be sure to check out our "stipple removal" section found under the "Full Spectrum Interiors" page of this site...

URBAN TOPCOAT, Winnipeg stipple remove company reviews for Winnipeg stipple #paintingthepeg #winnipeghome
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High Stakes and Ladders

Often it's about having the right tooling and equipment to safely address a technically difficult project - cutting the upper edge of an 18 foot high ceiing through the curved wall of an open stairwell - #charleswoodpainter

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We are the Winnipeg Cabinet Painters That Outlast The Repeat Renos!

These cabinets we've updated through two different renos - once, in 2016, from their original oak finish to Sherwin Williams SW 'Brown' and once again in 2022 during a second renovation updating to Benjamin Moore HC-154 Hale Navy Blue... 

Before Picture of Winnipeg Top Cabinet Painting Company Reviews for Winnipeg Cabinet Painters near me
#winnipegpainter URBAN TOPCOAT, Winnipeg cabinet painting company review for Winnipeg cabinet painting #paintingthepeg

Feature Walls - Alive & Well...

After a tonne of drywall work and a reconfiguration of an entertainment wall for Mowat Interiors, we had a lot of fun accentuating the high ceilings in this home with this purposefully imposing black wall, painted as part of the preparation for the sale of the home and balanced in contrast with the roomy space and loads of natural light - the black sheen gave this room a fun unique feel

URBAN TOPCOAT, Paint & Renovations Design Best Winnipeg painting company reviews for Winnipeg painters #paintingthepeg

Claim Your Brand With Commercial Elagance

#citylooksbyvisage #citylooks.ca URBAN TOPCOAT, Best Winnipeg painting company reviews for Winnipeg painters #paintingthepeg #businessbranding

What can be done over a long weekend?...  We were setting up through the back while the last of the clients were leaving

out the front... and as they opened in the morning following the end of the long weekend the feature wall was complete

offering a classicly modern, warm and inviting environment... #citylooksbyvisage #charleswoodpainter

Top Winnipeg pressure washing company reviews for winnipeg pressure washer company near me

Exterior Pressure Washing

My apologies for the odd angles, but while pressure washing while ON a roof, photography takes an easy second place to safety :)

This side-by-side before and after truly illustrates what a proper pressure wash can do for your home.  Carbonated limestone can be found all throughout Winnipeg - so let your neighbours know that URBAN TOPCOAT can clean their stone on their home - just give us a call at 204-791-8024 (fyi, no digital enhancements were made here, the stone on the right is still wet so has a bit more depth of colour)

URBAN TOPCOAT, Paint & Best Winnipeg exterior painting company reviews for exterior painters Winnipeg #paintingthepeg

Full Spectrum Exteriors

Full Spectrum Exteriors from build stain and installation (porch posts), to downspouts and gutters (prime and paint), to exterior doors and trim (performance latex), and stucco repairs and paint.

URBAN TOPCOAT has your home fully covered using custom coatings designed specifically for every preparation process and topcoat application.  We have what it takes to beat our harsh Winnipeg weather for years to come - traditional exterior latex and

elastomeric coatings available #prep4sale #charleswoodpainter

Stucco Repairs and Paint Video

While all exterior coatings are important, STUCCO seems to always get its own show - so sit back and enjoy the video, and call us for your free estimate - our unique process provides custom coatings designed BY Canadians FOR Canadians to withstand ALL the beatings that seasonal Canadian weather can bring to bare... Whatever the season, whatever the weather, we have you covered for years to come!.. #winnipegstuccopainter #charleswoodpainter 

Slide our Interactive before & after
(click/hold/drag the line to try it out :)

Often the Most Important Room of The House

Bathrooms take a lot of traffic, and they're one of the most important rooms of the house, for many reasons - but we're going to focus just on the technical... steam, latent humidity, and warmth... the perfect environment for organics to grow.  That's why we ensure that all bathroom surfaces are finished with seamless continuity between surfaces using only the best in Bathroom Paint, Benjamin Moore Aura.  With Aura you can say good bye to the glosssy sheens of yore and incorporate classy washable matte finishes that stand the test of time

 #charleswoodpaint #charleswoodpainter 

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URBAN TOPCOAT's Pleasing Sheens...

#paintingthepeg cabinet painter #winnipegpainter trusted house painter in winnipeg #winnipegpaintingcontractor #toppaintersinwinnipeg

Providing a pleasing consistent sheen takes experience to master;  so when light washes across your wall, wouldn't you like the satisfaction of an experienced painter's application without the lap marks and flashing?..

A properly prepared wall is a must, followed by muscle memory, application speed, spread thickness, and a tenured application technique.  Each of these contribute to the success of your project, and each of these are provided to you when you choose URBAN TOPCOAT as your local winnipeg painting contractor!..  We get it right the first time, on time, on budget - the beauty comes free!

 #charleswoodpaint #charleswoodpainter 

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