What Does a Great Paint Job 'Feel' Like?...

"Do you do all of the repairs first as part of the price?"... This is the very best question that we're asked by our clients during the site visit quote - and the honest answer is: repairs aren't just a "part" of the price - they really do encompass the majority of the work and therefore the majority of the price - and the reason repairs need to be done is primarily about lighting; here's what I mean...

As a light source washes across a wall, nicks and dings, scrapes and gouges, dents and voids of any kind will ALL produce shadows to varying degrees; varying depths produce varying darkness which create irregulaities that will greatly detract from the final finish, not only visibly but through tactile sensation as well.

People are sensory beings.. and our skin is our largest sensory organ; not unlike a museum artifact that causes people to want to connect with it, to reach out and touch it, to better understand and appreciate the artistry... We want to give you that same workmanship - we WANT people to want to touch your walls:)... The silky smooth texture of a properly repaired wall, topcoated with proper product and applied with proper technique will give you the fine finish that will do just that; and THAT is what a great paint job feels like...

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