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Exterior Carpentry Finishes

For those few months of Winnipeg weather when you can really enjoy your outdoor summer months, make your exterior space a relaxing environment where you can enjoy a mix of functionality and beauty.

Trellises, Vine Trellises, Pergolas, Privacy Fencing, and any other custom need you may have

to ensure your space suits your every need - call us and we can help design a 

perfect feature for your space...

24_Pergola Builder Winnipeg Outdoor.png

Custom Pergola's

We enjoy restoring the character of Winnipeg homes through custom outdoor living spaces, to ensure their beauty and character is retained for years to come...

24_trellis Company Winnipeg outdoor.png

Custom Trellis

Regardless of material or intention, whether a trellis for privacy or to support garden vines, grapes etc. we can provide you the right design to suit your needs

24_trellis company winnipeg.png

Custom Pergolas

That's why with URBAN TOPCOAT

You receive the best in carpentry and craftsmanship.  3D drawings ensure we are on the right track

before we begin

24_Pergola Builder Winnipeg Landscape.png

Custom Trellis

Enjoy the few warm months that Winnipeg weather brings us!.. and enjoy it the way you want in comfort, privacy and style for your home

Give Us A Call to Discuss Your Project, We Would Love To Hear From You:            or...

Use The Convenient Contact Form Link Below To Schedule
Your Free No Obligation Consultation!

(Should you need to leave a message, we promise to return your call as soon as reasonably possible)

One of our dedicated staff will call to discuss your project and coordinate a date for either a an on-site or a virtual estimate!

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