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We treat our clients, assets and projects with respect, regardless of scope.  We back this commitment by maintaining a comprehensive $2 Million  liability insurance package, by maintaining good standing with WCB, by honouring our commitment to the Better Business Bureau, and providing our clients with a thorough 3 year guarantee - a full year longer than most other paint companies.  Quite frankly, this is our life, our income, and we need your happiness in order to exist - so that is what we ensure. 

What are my obligatins regarding site visits?


For the event to be as beneficial as possible, we encourage our clients to have a good idea toward workscope vision and detail (drywall repairs, trim replacement vs. recoat, timeline and budget).  It's always helpful to have handy any inspirational colours or objects that may prove helpful during a colour consultation - we are there to help you!.. During, or following, any site visit by URBAN TOPCOAT you have absolutely no obligation to sign for, or agree to, any future work.    

What are my obligatins regarding site visits?

What  are my obligations during, or following, a site visit?

A major factor in project planning is the commitment to a timeline, and while client expectations need to include dedicated schedules from us, their deposit shows good faith, ensuring that our efforts toward scheduling labour, materials and resources beforehand, can be carried out with relative surety, knowing that the client is dedicated to the relationship and the project process.

What are my obligatins regarding site visits?

Am I required to pay a deposit?

When buying a car, road trips are the perfect way to explore quality and performance; you can trial our quality and performance by using the UTC First Room Agreements Process to both discount further work while gaining the opportunity to evaluate performance, quality, and confirm expectations prior to proceeding further. 

Many clients use this opportunity to address large scale projects using a "phased" approach so that timelines can be better adjusted to match their budget availability. 

What are my obligatins regarding site visits?

How can I personally evaluate performance at low risk to me?

Yes.  Work scope and product can both be modified at any point throughout the project, but this may become costly to the home owner depending on the progression of the project.  Making a planned decision up front and completing the UTC Work Scope Check Sheet will always facilitate a thorough consideration to scope detail.  Additionally, our milestone review process keeps expectations and project details aligned for you throughout the project so our only finish is a successful one!..  We're not finished until you are happy!

What are my obligatins regarding site visits?

Can I change the work scope once the project has started?

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