YOUR HOME is our workplace and you deserve a team that will treat your home with respect, care and cleanliness. 

- We provide that to you.


YOUR HOME is your castle and you deserve thorough quality workmanship with a team who takes pride in their craft.

- We provide that to you.

YOUR COMMITMENT from us is to thoroughly address every detail so you are satisfied the job is being done correctly, from surface preparation and application to final site clean up.

- We provide that to you


 The URBAN TOPCOAT quality process includes:

Cleaning: Brush clean existing surfaces with heavy guage nylon

Caulking: Repair cracks and voids and apply caulking for longevity

Washing: Pressure wash the project areas and bleach any molding areas

Priming: Prime using stain blocking primer, and seal when necessary

- Prepping: Edge prep trim, soffit, window/door casings, & ready for spray

Painting: Spray and Roll using a high quality 100% Acrylic Latex 

YOUR QUALITY - Following the application process, we inspect our work together with our clients, ensuring that each client is happy with their result - and we don't wrap up until you're satisfied - but even then we're not done. 


URBAN TOPCOAT is a                      service; as such, our three year guarantee provides our clients with comfort and piece of mind - we stake our reputation on it and we stake our future on it - we can only exist through continued client satisfaction.