Project Management Services - Call us Partner Perfect!

We partner with you to maximize your home's value,

for long term enjoyment or preparation for resale.


What We Hear

   "How Do I Find the Right Contractor…"

   "Do I Need To Get Permits For My Renovation…"

   "How do I Budget For A Renovation?..."

What We Do

We provide project oversight to ensure quality contractors and a critical path long before a single tool is even brought on site!.. A Condensed timeline?.. We have the Best Winnipeg Painters and Renovators to keep you covered!


Scheduling Dependencies, Coordinating and Communicating your vision to multiple trades, ensuring their efforts lead to your vision, ensuring work-scope is properly sequenced to minimize redundancy and avoid costly labour duplication.


Ensuring the right people are on the right job at the right time, using the right materials from conception to completion – that’s what we do.  You want to see how it looks before we start?.. we’ll provide concept drawings as part of our quoting process, referencing materials and palettes to ensure that YOU KNOW that WE SEE your vision!..

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